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Welcome to hippycaps.lt - beer caps collection page!

My collection comprises of 18487 caps from 130 countries. The biggest number of crowned caps is from the USA - 2555, from Germany - 2136, and from Italy - 1614.
     I have 1410 caps from my native country Lithuania. All caps arranged according to countries you can find here.

The latest caps (find more caps from my collection):

Georgia Russia Russia Usa Lithuania Russia South Korea Italy Lithuania Lithuania

The latest Lithuanian caps (find more Lithuanian caps):

Beerville Rinkuskiai Birzu alus Volfas Engelman Senojo Pasvalio alus Senojo Pasvalio alus Astravo Svyturys Utenos alus Svyturys

The latest trading caps (find more caps for trade):

Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania Israel Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania

The best caps (take a look at my best caps):

caca fanta pepsi
Spain Italy Lithuania Italy Italy Coca cola Czech Czech Italy Czech

Contact info
Andrius Pieškus
Samulevičių 8-43
Kaunas, Lt-51361

Latest update in
The 1st caps: This is 1st cap from Lithuania (1992)This is 1st cap from Poland (1992)
The 1000 caps: This is 1000 cap from Lithuania (2008)This is 1000 cap from Canada in 1998
The 10000 cap:

This is 10.000 cap from Tadjikistan (2004.09.01)

The 15000 cap: This is 15.000 cap from Czech (2007.10.02)

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